This page was last updated December 15, 2000

The current version of NonSequitur is 0.9

NonSequitur is an RFC 1034 and 1035 compliant domain name server for the Mac OS. It runs on Macs with a 68020 or greater processor, and native on Power Macs. NonSequitur requires either MacTCP 2.0.6 or Open Transport 1.1.2 (or later) to run.

Version 0.9

Released March 1st, 1999

We believe 0.9 to be the most stable version of NonSequitur ever released.

All NonSequitur users running older versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

You can download NonSequitur from this server.

What’s new in 0.9

NonSequitur 0.9 is a significant upgrade from 0.8.x and contains many internal changes as well as several visible new features.

Some things have not changed:

Documentation and Web Resources

The Read Me accompanying NonSequitur contains quick-start information, as well as migration info for current 0.8.x and MacDNS users.

If you’ve never used NonSequitur before, getting up and running is straightforward. NonSequitur reads domain information from standard BIND-format text files. If you are not familiar with this format, you should see the DNS for Mac OS page.

If you are looking for more information than that, we enthusiastically recommend the book DNS and BIND, now in its 3d edition. It explains the BIND file format in addition to many, many other things about how DNS works. If you plan on running a DNS, you really should buy this book.

Finally, we feel quite strongly that everyone who uses—or intends to use—NonSequitur should read RFC 1912. This RFC contains a great deal of useful information that is likely to save DNS administrators much frustration as well as thwart possible mishaps while setting up domain name services.

Mailing Lists

With the 0.9 release of NonSequitur we launched two NonSequitur-related mailing lists: